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Meet Ann Griesdorn

Springs East Montessori School was founded in 1967 by Ann Griesdorn, a visionary teacher who believes that the essence of true teaching is to inspire the young mind through the joy of finding success in the learning process.


Ann Weil Griesdorn is the second youngest in a family of eight children born and raised in Cincinnati. Growing up in such a large family, she was fortunate to be exposed to and experience a wide array of interests and passions. Among the most coveted family interest was a devotion to the Arts. 

The large family environment gave Ann a profound respect and curiosity for each individual’s unique growth and development. This curiosity later grew into a passion for understanding how each child learns and perceives the world in his or her unique way.


After attending Edgecliff College, today Xavier University, and during her undergraduate years, Ann went to New York and graduated from one of the first Montessori training programs in the United States. This program was instructed by Mario Montessori, Maria Montessori’s son. 

While in her Montessori training program, Mario encouraged Miss Ann to follow her passion to develop new and unique learning materials for children. After completion of her course work, Miss Ann then worked at the Washington Montessori Institute to help design and develop materials that were to be used in classrooms across the country. She now trains Montessori teachers internationally. 


Miss Ann later returned to Cincinnati to found Springs East Montessori School and attended additional post-graduate course work in early childhood education at Xavier University. 


The school has continued to grow over the past four decades into a warm, loving community of students, families, and teachers, committed to giving their children a world-class education.

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