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Language Arts

All elementary children receive a strong background in all areas of language arts. Development of reading, writing, and public speaking skills are particularly stressed. Students create original manuscripts as well as daily silent sustained reading and writing programs. These skills are integrated into a strong literature-based reading program which extends into all subject areas

Social Studies 

The social studies curriculum introduces children to their family unit and progresses to the student's position in their neighborhood, community and country. Additionally, a global awareness, knowledge and exposure to the customs and cultures from all around the world, is emphasized. The long-range goal is to prepare students to be contributing members of a democratic society.


Preschoolers are introduced to mathematical concepts giving them a solid foundation to build upon in the elementary grades. The curriculum emphasizes the importance of problem-solving and reasoning skills. Learning to reason mathematically is stressed. Extensive use of manipulatives provides students with a concrete understanding of numbers.


The primary science curriculum consists of life, physical, and earth sciences with an emphasis on hands-on activities and experiences. The curriculum introduces scientific processes in grades K-3.

Physical Education 

The primary emphasis is on cardiovascular fitness and motor-skill development. Students participate in perceptual movement exercises and develop a lifetime attitude geared toward exercise and good health.

Art and Music 

All students receive art instruction once a week. Children are taught to utilize creativity and art in problem solving. The curriculum emphasizes the basic elements of art through the utilization of a wide variety of materials and techniques. Children also receive music instruction weekly.

The general music program provides students with experience in playing rhythm and bar instruments as well as singing, listening, and dancing/body movement. Choral experiences are encouraged and concerts are performed throughout the school year.