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Give Them Close-to-Homeschooling


For the coming school year, you have a choice: 

  • Research materials, prepare plans and home-school your children. 

  • Trust your local school and its large-class, cookie-cutter approach.  

  • Choose Springs East Montessori School and give your child personalized attention in a small-class setting with professional teachers.​

At Springs East Montessori School, you get the best of home and classroom schooling. 


Your children get the attention of home-schooling with a small-class Montessori approach. Children work independently, together! They get an individual workspace for their personalized activities. They have fun, they're engaged, and they're learning.

It’s close-to-home-schooling at a school that's close to home.

Our experienced teachers learn your children’s strengths. We encourage them to learn with hands-on lessons for their developing skills. Just like you would do it at home. 

​Children learn in a structured environment with flexible activities. Our classroom is planned to pique curiosity and build independence.


They become leaders and independent thinkers that can overcome any challenges put in front of them. In short, we teach them to be successful in their lives!

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A note about COVID-19

Because of our small class size (and independent learning model), we are already within the class size requirements for social distancing. Our regular daily schedule will not change, adding consistency for your children.