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Beat the tests - give your child the benefit of hands-on math

It’s not just COVID. Your child’s education is hurt by Common Core too. In fact, average math scores have generally declined since 2013 and remain at a level that is statistically significantly lower than before Common Core, according to this study by the Pioneer institute.

What can you do to help your young student? Use Montessori methods at home. Allow your child to see, touch, and explore concepts.

For instance, young children usually cannot conceive numbers larger than twenty. But you can help your child learn them with a system of beads that was developed by Montessori.

Here’s an activity you can do - a bead activity. In school, we have thousands of beads. You might need to stop at a few hundred or a thousand

  • 1: A single bead is a unit

  • 10: A bar of ten beads strung together

  • 100: Squares made up of ten bars

  • 1,000: Cubes made up of ten squares

(Inexpensive Mardi gras beads can be an easy option)

The bead, bars, squares, and cubes form a powerful tool for learning. Ask your child to bring you specific amounts, for example: “Please bring me three thousands, five hundreds, six tens and one unit.”

With this foundation, they can learn math skills like adding, subtracting, and so on. It’s concrete. Your child internalizes the process. And it builds from there, to measurement, finances, gathering data and even statistical analysis – all by the third grade!

Montessori is the art of teaching children to think. If you think it might be a good fit, join us in June for our “10th month.” We’ll work with your child at his or her own level and provide a great learning experience.

Call me - Miss Ann – I am looking forward to meeting you and your child to show off the school and its benefits. Call me at (513) 793-7877 for a tour and consultation.

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