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Studies Show Montessori Education Benefits Children in the Long Run

Determining the best type of education for children can be a difficult decision for parents. The choice between public, private, Montessori or home schooling offer different options for a child’s educational opportunities. Weighing the importance of scholastic achievement, social skills and future career goals can greatly influence a parent’s choice. Fortunately, a recent study showed that Montessori education offers an advantage for both academic and
social development.

For more than, 70 years, Montessori school children compared to traditional public school children, research showed, that Montessori education has been growing across the country in both private and public school systems. With a focused curriculum in human development, Montessori education helps children progress through purposeful movement, exploration and discovery.

In a 2006 study of Milwaukee Montessori school children, compared to traditional public school children, research showed that Montessori education raised test scores. The study concluded, ”In essence, attending a Montessori program from the approximate ages of 3 years through 11 years of age predicts significantly higher math and science standardized test scores.”

The study also supported the hypothesis that Montessori education has a more positive, long term impact on children compared to traditional education because of the program’s specific structure and organization. “By the end of kindergarten, the Montessori children preformed better on standardized tests of reading, and math, engaged in more positive interaction of the playground, and showed more advanced social cognition and executive control”. The

study stated.

“Seeing these results helps to reinforce what we’ve seen in our student for many years.” Ann Griesdorn, Founder and director of Springs East Montessori, said. ”When children engage in Montessori education opportunities, the education leads to better academic and social skills and we’re excited to see more and more parents embracing the advantages offered by Montessori.”

Located in Cincinnati Ohio, Springs East Montessori School had been educating and inspiring children since 1961. With an emphasis on individual learning styles and rates of development, learning at Springs EastMontessori School is a process that engages the child’s total self; physical, emotional social and intellectual. From pre-school through the third grade, children are encouraged to become independent thinkers and problem solvers, with the individual child as the center focus of the curriculum. For more information, contact the school. 

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